Life Groups




What are Life Groups?

Our Life Groups are small groups held in various homes through out the week.  We hold our Life Groups on a quarterly schedule; meaning they start and stop on a four season schedule.  Before each quarter we hold sign-ups for our groups.  People may sign up for the same group each quarter, or sign up to a different group.  Each group is different but each dives deeper into the word.  To sign up for a small group please call our office or contact Pastor Scott Thomson

Purposes of the groups:

1. Relational connection and fellowship

- Held in homes and focused on the fellowship of the saints.

- Typically there is some snacks or food at each group

- Voluntary discussion in a friendly, loving atmosphere

- It is here that questions can be asked

- Personal topics can be explored and discussed openly

2. Personal growth in practical application of the Bible

- It is here where the rubber meets the road on a personal level.

- In an age of information, many Christians are lacking true Biblical understanding and practical application.  These groups are set up to help each believer learn to live out what they know.