Life Groups


What are Life Groups?

Our Life Groups are sermon based small groups held in various homes through out the week.  We hold our Life Groups on a quarterly schedule; meaning they start and stop on a four season schedule.  Before each quarter we hold sign-ups for our groups.  People may sign up for the same group each quarter, or sign up to a different group.  Each group is sermon based, and dives deeper into the word based off Sunday's message.  To sign up for a small group please call our office or contact Pastor Scott Thomson

Purposes of the groups:

1. Relational connection and fellowship

- Held in homes and focused on the fellowship of the saints.

- Typically there is some snacks or food at each group

- Voluntary discussion in a friendly, loving atmosphere

- It is here that questions can be asked

- Personal topics can be explored and discussed openly

2. Personal growth in practical application of the Bible

- It is here where the rubber meets the road on a personal level.

- In an age of information, many Christians are lacking true Biblical understanding and practical application.  These groups are set up to help each believer learn to live out what they know.

3. Outreach to the community

- Each quarter the groups are required to come up with, plan and execute a small community service project.  We believe Christians should be a source of blessing to their community.  Community service projects are a great way for the groups to better bond while being a blessing to our communities.