Our Values

Eight Core Values

1.  The word

  • The Bible is God’s Word to us and it is our ultimate source of Truth.  As we study His Word, God encounters us and empowers us to know who He is, who we are and how we are to live

2.  Honor

  • With all people made in the image of God, we want to see value in all people, in love regarding one another higher than ourselves.  Recognizing the best in others despite differences with respect to human dignity.  Promoting the value that God has placed in others… loving on purpose.

3.  Words Matter

  • Nothing destroys a relationship like gossip.  We want to be the place where rumors go to die.  The bible encourages us to talk TO people, not about them.  We want to be the culture that empowers and encourages people to love God and each other.

4.  Gratitude

  • We commit to live a life of thanksgiving in both the trials and blessings of life, giving thanks for all things, in all circumstances.  Our aim is to live a life of worship, giving God the glory to God in thanks, knowing He owes us nothing and that we owe Him everything.

5.  Discipleship

  • The call of Jesus rooted in discipleship.  As believers, we are to both be discipled and to make disciples.  As a family of believers, we choose to submit ourselves to be discipled and to make it a priority to lead others in a closer walk with Jesus.

6.  Compassion

  • As we come closer to the Father, we get closer to His heart for people.  It was compassion that led God to give is only Son for us and it is our aim as a body to allow the heart of the Father to move us to give of our time, energy and resources to reach others for His glory.

7.  Integrity

  • Who we are when no one is watching reveals what is going on in the hidden places of our hearts.  As individuals at River of Life Church, we commit to a life of worshiping God in spirit and in truth.  We will be a body that allows God to deal with every area of our lives, with no hidden sin or deception that would grieve the Holy Spirit and bring a reproach against His name.

8.  Serving

  • Jesus said the servant is the greatest among us.  It will be our focus as a church to surrender our lives, ambitions and pride to bring God joy by serving in a spirit of humility in any task set before us.  As a community, we rejoice to love each other and those around us by following Jesus’ pattern of humility and sacrifice.